As lay associates, sisters and brothers of the Ireland England Province of the Congregation of the Sacred Hearts of Jesus & Mary, we are priviliged to be able to offer you some thoughts and reflections on our Sunday readings.  Many of our lay associates, sisters and brothers have contributed to putting together for the first time, homilies which cover every Sunday of the Liturgical year.  We hope that you will find this service to be of assistance to you in your ministry or just as an opportunity for you to reflect and to pray on the various themes that these reading have to offer us.

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FEAST OF THE ASCENSION – Year B by Fr. Kamil Wawro,

Holy Church invites us to think of heaven several times a year. Today is the day when we want to look at the sky and think about heaven. In modern society, we think less and less about heaven. We are getting better on earth, we are feeling better and better, in principle we are not missing anything except some little things, at least that is the case with us here in Poland. Somewhere else, it's probably a little different, because people are hungry, because there are armed conflicts, and so on. But with us? Therefore, it is good that today in the solemnity of the Ascension of the Lord we are invited to think at least for a moment about heaven.

It is good to know the purpose of our earthly journey, it is good not to lose what is essential in our lives. We live on this earth, we fight for many things, but we know that the life of each of us has its end, that each of us will die. And hence the question, what's next? We live on earth, but here on earth there is no homeland. Following the intuition of St. Paul, we will say that here on earth we live in exile, because our homeland is in heaven. Christ ascends to heaven, goes to the Father's house, returns to the beginning, and very much desires us to be where He is.

The first reading of the Acts of the Apostles describes the moment of Jesus' ascension in the presence of the disciples. This description of Christ's ascent to heaven is very interesting. Notice that the disciples keep looking at Him (Jesus) as he ascends to heaven. They are eyewitnesses of this unusual event. And while they keep their eyes fixed on heaven, two men in white robes appear and say to the disciples: Why are you standing and looking at heaven?

Let us dwell on this sentence for a moment. It seems that sometimes we have a tendency - especially in matters of our faith - to stand and gaze at the sky, to be a little  suspended', sometimes even to run away from real life and its problems. And here we hear the words of angels, as if an invitation to take life seriously, not to run away from it, but to really evaluate it. This is a very important tip for us. On the one hand, we are invited to look to the sky and, on the other hand, not to run away from real life. We need to get involved in our world and make it better, because through this world we go to heaven. Once one of the journalists asked St. Mother Teresa of Calcutta, can this world be better? Mother Teresa replied very simply: "If I do everything in my power to do something good every day and you try to do something good every day, this world will be better."

It is worth paying attention to the Responsorial Psalm of today's liturgy. The chorus of this psalm is: "The Lord enters heaven in joy." In a normal world, when we say goodbye to someone, we are accompanied by sadness, not joy. We say goodbye to someone who is dear and important to us, and we feel sad that we have to part. And here we hear something surprising, it is like an invitation to joy: All nations, clap your hands, shout to God with a joyful voice ... God enters heaven with joyful cries. It seems a little weird. We must understand that Christ, after fulfilling his mission on earth, returns to his Father whom he loves, returns to his home, to the house of the Father. Hence this invitation to us is to rejoice with Him. We must also remember that Christ is going to prepare a place for us. He tells us: In my Father's house there are many dwelling-places, if it were not so, I would have told you.
There is one more aspect worth paying attention to - I think it is very important. Let us see that when Christ lived in our midst, He was present only in that one particular place of His presence. And when he ascended to heaven, he can be present everywhere and at any time with us, in every corner of the earth. It is very important for us who live on this earth and we very often ask that He be with us, be present in our everyday matters of life.

And let's look at the Gospel of today. In it we read: After talking with them, the Lord Jesus was taken up to heaven and sat down at the right hand of God. And they went and reached the Gospel everywhere. Yes, Jesus ascends to heaven, but we, his disciples, stay on earth and are to proclaim His Gospel everywhere. Here we hear a very clear invitation to engage in life, in the witness of our Christian life, an invitation to be an extension of Jesus Christ in this world. And a very important reminder: the Lord will cooperate with us and confirm his presence with signs. So we are not going alone, we are not condemned to loneliness, to abandonment. He will accompany us and support us with His grace. So let us light up today, on this Ascension Feast, to be Jesus' witnesses in this world. Let us try to do a little good in this world every day, so that one day we may be among the happy in our Father's house.


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